August 23, 2013

Trail Runner ≠ Mountain Biker

While I wait for my hip and groin to loosen up, I've been keeping busy (distracted) outside on my mountain bike.  As a kid I used to bike a ton and I still bike everyday so several miles around Lake Como should be easy, right?  NOPE.  In order to avoid the parking fee I parked a mile from the trailhead, hopped on my green Trek and opted for the clockwise loop around the lake.  

Lake Como sits a few miles west of Darby, Montana.  The beach was packed with people pretending they were sitting on the ocean.  The sand and clear water made me believe the illusion as well.  Como Peaks or the "Three Sisters" sit between 9,400 and 9,600 feet and tower over the lake.  Montana is so beautiful.

The trail and views were incredible.  Choosing the clockwise route was not so incredible.  The first four miles were on extremely rooty, rocky and narrow game trail.  I fell countless times, smashing my body and bike into rocks and trees.  Stopping to take a picture meant a swarm of curious bees around my bright green mountain bike.  Curious always escalated into angry when I tried to get back on.

The water crossings had a natural touch to them with bridges made of sanded down, narrow logs.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of horrible riding, I made it to the west side of the lake.  

A nice raspberry I earned bouncing off a tree and over the handlebars.  

On the west side of the lake were a series of rocky waterfalls.  Each sent water hurdling towards the lake.

The towering mountains make the powerboats looks so tiny!  I need to climb up these soon.

Being injured isn't so bad when you have scenery like this to explore!  Would love to run these trails soon.

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