September 19, 2011

Trappers Peak - The Bitterroot

Once we settled into our new home and city we decided to enjoy some of the wonderful hiking opportunities in the Bitterroot Valley.  Why not start out with the highest point in the Bitterroot Wilderness?  Trapper's Peak, at 10,157ft, is located just 120 miles south of Missoula.  Lisa and I were joined by our new neighbor Brian who happens to be from Carboro, NC.  He moved into the same duplex as us on the same day from the same place.  Ironic?

The Trapper's  Peak trail rises over 3000ft from the trailhead to the peak.  It winds through thick pine forests for the first couple of miles.  We happened upon a ground spring hidden in the landscape.

A half mile into the hike we came to an overlook providing views of the Bitterroot Mountains.

Behind us were the smaller Saphire Mountains that continue north all the way back to Missoula.

After three miles of big elevation gain, we cleared the treeline and reached the boulders.

View of Trappers Peak and the false summit from the tree line.

Lisa hiking in the snow with the false summit behind her.  Many people visit the false summit thinking that it is Trapper's Peak.  We did not make that mistake.

A view of Trapper's Peak from the false summit.

One of the earlier pitches before the summit.  With sheer cliffs on both sides, the boulder climb began to narrow.

Brian and I made it to the summit along side three Aussies.  The views were amazing on this clear summer day.  360 views from the highest point in the Bitterroot Mountain Range.

The views were amazing on this clear summer day.  The mountain closest to us in the picture is the north peak of Trappers.  No trail exists for that peak yet.  

360 views from the highest point in the Bitterroot Mountain Range.

I took a short video from the summit of Trapper's.  The wind was so strong I had to put some cheesy youtube music in the background.  Enjoy.

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