August 30, 2011

Kachina Wilderness

Ok, we are back in Flagstaff again. Before leaving for the Grand Canyon, again, we decide to go for a little hike in the Kachina peaks. To fuel up for the hike we grab some Poliberto's mexican burritos and enchiladas to go.   Tibor drives us up the Forest Service road to the Kachina Trail. As we inhale our Poliberto's, rain drops begin to trickle from the clouds above.

With our stomachs full we head off down the Kachina trail in search of an elk.

Beautiful singletrack at 9,000 feet!  I wish I could have run up here.

Big evergreen trees towering over grassy meadows with wildflowers.

Tall, straight aspen trees surrounded the trail with their smooth white bark.

After hiking about mile we "officially" enter the Kachina Wilderness designation within the Coconino National forest.  Tibor and I debate on whether a certain rock is IN or OUT of the wilderness designation.

Lisa gets a nice sky view of the Aspen canopy.

Unfortunately it is time for us to leave, again.  Quietly, we head back to the car. This time we leave the Veghs, Flagstaff and the Kachina peaks for good.  Next up, round two of the Grand Canyon.  Perhaps less tourists?!

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