August 30, 2011

Grand Canyon First Attempt

Our plan was to stay with Tibor and Kris for Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then head North to the Grand Canyon. For some reason I thought our camping reservation was for Saturday night. So Lisa and I packed up, said our goodbyes and headed out Saturday afternoon to our camp site.

We took some photographs as the sun was setting over the Grand Canyon.  The place was packed and no one, I mean no one spoke any English.  I have been to most of the National Parks in the United States and this was by far the biggest tourist trap of them all. Foreigners tend to be loud, camera obsessive and have this peculiar right of way/arrogance to them.  I can't explain it but they have this look of panic/nervousness in their eyes and just plow through like they own the place. Its always an experience and you never know what they are going to do or say next.

Lisa and I waited patiently to take a picture by an overlook for at least a half an hour. I was sure that after the family had taken pictures and looked out for what seemed like an eternity, they would step aside and let other people enjoy the view. NOPE!

Even with the Disney World atmosphere we were able to find some high ground and take some pictures of the canyon.  The canyon is so large it is overwhelming and it just seems unreal. Too massive to comprehend.

Once we arrived at the Grand Canyon I knew something wasn't right.  I anxiously checked my phone for the campsite reservations.  Yep, we were a day early.  Not sure what was going on inside my head but here we were at the Grand Canyon with no where to stay.  Quickly I called Tibor and asked him if he wouldn't mind us staying an extra night...  Luckily, Tibor and Kris were not tired of us yet and welcomed us back with Little Caesars pizza and of course another episode of 24.

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