July 15, 2011

The Long Drive to Colorado

Instead of getting a good nights rest we pushed through the heat and into the wee hours of the morning on I-70 through Kansas.

Lisa took the 10pm - 2am shift while I from the 2am-6am. Around 6am I pulled over to a rest stop in Kansas and we fell asleep until 8am. Feeling rejuvenated by the sun's rising light I pushed on to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Luckily we had reserved a hotel room in Colorado Springs but we couldn't check in until 2pm. Instead of waiting at the hotel we decided to drive 19 miles up to the highest point in Colorado - Pike's Peak.

At 14,410 feet, Pike's peak and the Pike National Forest provide a beautiful backdrop to the city of Colorado Springs. We made it up to the top right before the storms rolled in.

After playing in the mountains for a couple hours we headed back to the hotel to get some well deserved rest. Lisa and I slept from 5pm to 7am the next morning. 14 HOURS!!

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