July 15, 2011

Leaving The Heart of It All - OHIO

On Monday morning we kissed Chloe good bye and headed west for a summer road trip. We left Ohio

Traveled through Indiana, Illinois

Finally we ended our first day in Missouri. Missouri's Graham Cave State park was our first campsite for the trip.

After driving for 12 hours we were eager to set up camp, run, and rest. However, the weather did not cooperate. The heat index in this part of Missouri was 105 degrees. Inside our tent we were sweating through our clothes and sleeping bags. We named this experience as the "sweat factory". After several attempts to sleep in the sweltering heat we decided to leave.

Not a good start for a two week long road trip. Instead of sleeping, we took shifts driving through the night. During the night we drove all the way through Kansas and into Colorado.

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