January 10, 2011

Winter Trip Summary - 6,857 Miles - 8 Days - 2 Brothers

This winter I wanted to see the Pacific Northwest. Last summer my brother and I ventured out to Northwest Montana and it was amazing. However, I wanted to go further West and see the Pacific ocean and the gateway to Alaska! My brother and I took the Greyhound bus from Cleveland, OH to Seattle, WA which took 54 hours there and 63 hours back just in time for Christmas Eve! The highlight had to be sleeping for 4 hours on the floor of the Chicago station as the local prison was unloaded to head home for the holidays, after we were delayed due to a bus driver refusing to wait 5 min and a new bus driver who didnt know how to shift, hit a tree and decided to spend 45 min fixing the volume on the dvd player. How I love you Greyhound.

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