May 26, 2010

Chloe vs. the Cockroach

On one cool Wednesday evening around 11:20 o'clock Chloe was taken out to do her nightly potty routine. Once she galloped down the front steps, Chloe found a nice patch of grass to do her business. However, she ran into a mighty foe: the cockroach! I, disgusted by the creature, walked over and was going to step on it. Chloe, on the other hand, had a better idea: to eat it. She proceeded to chase the cockroach (which caused myself to fly three feet forward, leash in hand) with her big snout sniffing away, but the cockroach was quick and dodged her times a plenty. In the end, I managed to squash it with my shoe, but Chloe was not finished with the hunt. She proceeded to tug on her leash for approximately five minutes until I had to yank her (hard) away from the half-dead bug. After trying to get Chloe to attempt a numero dos, she noticed that the cockroach was still alive as it was now on its back, struggling to make an attempt to scurry off and seek shelter with its other disgusting friends. Chloe was back on the prowl. Sniffing near it, ready to slurp it up (gross!) but yet again, with my all-mighty strength I yanked her back toward the door even though she was faced toward the cockroach the whole time- waiting to attack, just in case it moved again. So the final conclusion is beware other animal creatures! If you move, you are considered fair game for a scrumptulescent meal.

Lisa & Chloe

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  1. Interesting post there Lisa. What are you doing putting Chloe's big snout by cockroaches. That is not one of the listed food items for Chloe's diet provided by the veterinarian.


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