January 10, 2010

Winter Trip 4 - Quest to Holiday Valley and back

This really was a quest as it proved to be the toughest driving for a normal 3 hr drive to New York from Cleveland. We stayed overnight in Jamestown, NY which was under a foot of snow everytime we stopped there. Trip was quite interesting with Jamie, Dave, Lisa, Mamas, Joyce, Brian and I attempting to ski for 8 hrs with a bunch of beginners. Mamas fell twice and turned in her skis - made it 1 hr. Dave sick with laryngitis never made it outside of the lodge. Joyce fell of the ski lift and departed after 3.5 hrs with Mamas, Dave and Brian. Lisa, Jamie and I stayed and enjoyed the huge ski resort and the several inches of fresh powder. I have never seen such a large ski resort with so many trails (including the Civilian Corps trail that I took through the woods which was amazing!) Highlights were sleeping on the floor of the Hampton Inn, Jamie throwing herself onto the ground everytime she wanted to stop, Lisa stomping to the warming hut after falling of the lift from 3ft onto a sheet of solid ice, getting snowed in at Jamestown, NY, I-90 closed down in Pennsylvania (they refused to plow so instead the geniuses pulled fire truck and ambulances in front of the highway entrances - like they wouldnt need those vehicles during their second blizzard of the week!), us getting flicked off as we pulled over in an intersection to get a picture of Lisa in front of a "welcome to Ohio" sign (we are slowly collecting all the states) and last but not least - almost getting run over by a Cleveland Browns bus as the game was letting out and the driver was obviously impaired from the alcohol he likely had been consuming since 5 am. The theme of the trip continued to be SNOW!

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