January 10, 2010

Winter Trip 3 - Cleveland Christmas / New Year


The drive to Cleveland was a memorable one. Lisa, Jamie, Chloe and I packed with luggage, christmas gifts and puppy supplies left little room for comfort or a monster 5o lb puppy. To add to that we hit heavy snow on 77 N in West Virginia and all the way up. What is an 8.5 hr drive turned into a 11 hr nightmare going 35 mph on the highway with little to no visibility. This would be a theme for the whole trip as the midwest / northeast was hit with snow storm after snow storm during the holiday season. We eventually made it home safe, sound and exhausted. After a nights rest we settled in, had christmas, took Lisa to the psychic and introduced Chloe to snow. I will post a future video of Chloe's snow antics and she refused to leave it and come inside. Lisa and I explored Cleveland and brought in 2010 with Avatar and watching a plane land at Burke Lake Front Airport along snowy Lake Erie. We pulled over at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Browns Stadium, a Huge Wind Turbine (unexpected surprise) and had a great view of downtown Cleveland as 2009 ended and 2010 began. With the new year we send out prayers and hope for all.

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