November 24, 2009

Synthetic World Built to Entertain

It's All A Show

Tonight, eyes will glow throughout the world.
Sounds will echo and lights flicker.
Studios are producing synthetic life by the second.
Actors memorize lines that writers dreamed and producers edited.
Money travels down from lavish executives to the lonely camera man.
TV packages and Blu Ray dvd's bring American's to their comfort zone.
Lives are lived through LCD screens as people come to a halt.
Work a terrible job all day and come home to the comfort of your favorite sitcom.
Everyone so beautiful on the outside and so ugly on the inside.
We love the drama, right TNT.
It makes us feel something, hate, love, sadness, remorse, laughter, excitement, anticipation, jealousy...
The feelings we cannot make for ourselves so we buy it in tiers of television and movie packages.
A break from reality or this world God created.
Instead we watch people beat each other senseless on UFC or WWE.
We awe over celebrities looks and houses. She's so pretty, I want that.
Then chastise them when they fall on their faces with drugs, relationships and bankruptcy.
What other alternative is there?
Well we could watch the news and see who murdered who last night?
Why do you think the news reports only rapes, deaths, wars, terrorist attacks and crimes?
Because WE want to be entertained.
It is so easy to watch cheap sitcoms or detective shows, i think CSI has a show in every city.
How is the possible? Who is wasting their lives watching ten versions of CSI?
Someone is!
We can easily follow the characters and then have some empty conversations with friends.
Not to mention the ridiculous sports shows.
Why do we as Americans support the NFL, NBA, MLB.. etc.
Die hard sports followers, tailgaters, season ticket holders, NFL TV package owners, jersey wearers...
The people who watch ex-nfl stars talk on the pre-game show, halt time show, post game show and ESPN.
How much can we make out of nothing? How can we talk so much about events that mean so little in life?
We are all supporting organizations that take money from the poor and give to the rich.
Is it not hard to see that most of us work 40-80 hrs a week at low paying jobs and then give it all away?
Why do we leave our lives and families to drink beer at 6am and harass rival fans in the parking lot?
You drink yourself to stupidity and scream at the referees as your stadium mates cheer you on.
How good we must feel about ourselves and our contribution to this world.
It is not just money that we are wasting but our precious life.
Every breath, every heartbeat, every moment of our short lives is slipping through our finger tips.
A moment we could have spent with our children, our brothers, or time spent adventuring on life.
A trip to the stadium means, tailgating, gas, food, jerseys, tickets, stadium food, beer and much more.
The time and money we spend is lost with the last tick of the clock in the fourth quarter.
Winner or loser our team can never teach us anything about ourselves, spouses, kids or lives.
There will always be another superbowl, playoff game, quarter, game, season, winner.
There will never be another you or your life, your husband, your wife, your son, your daughter, your father, your mother.
Our lives, confidence, energy is won or lost based on "our" team and "our" season.
How can you place something so precious and intricate as life on the line for a sports team?
Are we on this earth to be entertained or be entertainers? No chance.
Do we sit on facebook, myspace and cell phones instead of confront life? You bet.
We have become backseat followers of life. We sit waiting to be entertained.
Then we run around like idiots to provide ourselves the ability to be entertained.
Have we as a race become lost. So lost that we forget life's value.
Are we waiting for life to be over, just riding it out in hopes that something good will come?
If my life was less than desirable I would not look for life in places that produce fake life.
Instead look in places where life is vibrant: National Parks, mountains, lakes, churches...
Let's make a promise to live life one conversation at a time and not one commercial at a time.
Focus on making yourself a better person, mentally, physically and spiritually.
Make peace with yourself. Understand your limits and push them until you can push no more.
Come to terms with fear, death, hate, crime, sin, confrontation and other avoided areas in your life.
Love even if it doesn't make sense. There is never a situation where love is unnecessary.
Take blame, examine yourself, change, adapt, overcome, live, breathe, float, sing, dance and LOVE.
Other nations look up to us as the example. Do we show them reality?

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