September 23, 2009

All Else Fades Away

Life's demands rush past me
I twist and turn with their fruitless blows
Eyes open ears full
Slowly I tread to my car in hopes of something
Something more

Days pass as time rolls off my wristwatch in a fast forward flow
Alarms and signs dictate my movements and position
Step forward, now back

Life takes and takes
We consume and consume
No real purpose

Sounds of freedom leak through my bag
A hidden compartment reveals a cord
Notes free flow through space
Begging me to float with them

Freedom entices me ear by ear
Until alas.... air screams in a final attempt
Eyes closed ears covered

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Originally from Strongsville, OH, I spent 8 years in Raleigh, North Carolina and have since recently moved to Missoula, MT. I have been a runner all my life and have recently started pursuing ultra marathons. Any excuse to be outside and on the trails.