June 15, 2009

No Boundaries

"Books or no books, it is a fact, patent both to my dog and myself,
 that at daybreak I am the sole owner of all the acres I can walk
 over.  It is not only boundaries that disappear, but also the 
thought of being bounded.  Expanses unknown to deed or
map are known to every dawn, and solitude, supposed no
 longer to exist in my country, extends on every hand as far
 as the dew can reach...  I step from my cabin door bearing
 in either hand my emblems of sovereignty, a coffee pot 
and a note book.  I get out my watch, pour coffee, and 
lay notebook on knee.  This is the cue for the 
proclamation to begin." - Aldo Leopold

The idea of owning land is backwards.  No one owns the
 land it is exactly the opposite; the land owns us.  How nice
 it would be to walk anywhere one wanted to explore and
 just watch life around us.  Times have gotten bad when 
you think anyone that comes near your land is trying to steal
 it or something else from you.  An idea - if we all
owned less then there would be less to steal.  We, as current 
members of the human population, must make a change.  
Less time spent amusing oneself in front of screens and 
more time amusing ourselves outside or with other people.
  Life is to intricate to waste away watching other people
 live their lives thousands of miles away.  It is you who 
support them by watching their shows.  Why not go 
outside instead and watch nature interact.  Wake up 
really early or go out late at night and just observe.  
Once quiet and solitude ease the mind then let your 
other senses take over.  Breathe the crisp morning air 
or place your hand over the wet dew that forms on the 
grass overnight.  Listen to the birds instead of the radio.  
"Once you have heard or read the news once in your life...
 that is all you will need.  It pretty much repeats."  You 
will be amazed at what goes on outside your doors every 
day that you are blind too.  What would you rather pass
 on to your children - the migratory pattern of local birds,
paths of the sun and moon, songs of local birds or the
 latest episode/season of Dancing with the Stars. 
 Evolution is taking place all around us.. are we 
going to hide inside and ignore it or are we going to 
become the predominate species by listening to the 
stories that are being told outside our doors everyday!

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Originally from Strongsville, OH, I spent 8 years in Raleigh, North Carolina and have since recently moved to Missoula, MT. I have been a runner all my life and have recently started pursuing ultra marathons. Any excuse to be outside and on the trails.