March 19, 2009

One Reason Lance Mackey is Untouchable

Another article from the Anchorage Daily News. There is a reason that Mackey can win the Iditarod and most of it has to do with his willingness to never stop. It seems a trend with most cancer survivors. They realize that we as human beings are capable of so much more and we can endure even the most treacherous conditions. Another thing they realize is to not get caught up in the superfluities and to do what you love. Read and see:

Or maybe, more accurately, a lot of effort. That's sort of the Mackey way. No one doubts he will be out on the trails, spending days that run into weeks that run into months, getting a team ready to contend next year.

"I don't expect too much to change,'' Mackey said. "Maybe a new sponsor. As far as my way of living, or my thought process, ain't nothing's changed, nor will it ever.

"Yeah, (this) might change some people, but it damn sure hasn't really changed me at all.

"I am just a regular guy. I don't ever want to become someone else. I've seen some of my competitors change after their success. It's kind of embarrassing for them, and I ain't even part of it."

Don't expect to see Lance posing for the covers of any fashion magazines. He's got dogs to train.

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